Controversy and Ram Gopal Varma films go hand in hand. We can’t see any movie of his which comes and goes without any controversy. Such were his stories and film making. Recently he made Vangaveeti and it hit theaters this Friday.

This is one of the rare movies of RGV which gained superb buzz before the release because of the subject he chose. Vangaveeti is based on Vijayawada terror politics in 80’s. The film gained mixed response as few are not happy with the way Vangaveeti Ranga was showcased.

Latest news is, Vangaveeti Radha complained to DGP Sambasiva Rao over few objectionable scenes in the movie and he demanded removal of those scenes. In the movie, Vangaveeti Ratna Kumari utters ‘Champey Ranga’. This dialogue has been chopped off. RGV for the first time has agreed to such proposal.